One of the best things about being a child is that you're allowed to have a vivid imagination and believe things that might turn out not to be logical when you are grown-up. There are few Christian children in North America that don't believe that Santa will come to their homes on Christmas Eve and that the Easter Bunny will hide eggs for them on Easter Sunday morning. And most kids are excited when they lose a tooth because that means a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

The origin of the tooth fairy dates back to hundreds of years ago when parents used to bury their children's lost baby teeth outside and sometimes reward them with money when they lost their first tooth. There is Norse mythology that dates back long before the thirteenth century that talks about a tooth fee that was paid to children for the loss of their teeth. Now, while people are living in something closer to a condominium than a house made of wood in the mountains, most children receive money for each of the baby teeth that they loose.

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The amount that a child gets for their lost tooth usually depends on the economic status of their family and the country that they are living in. A recent study found that the average for American children is a little over two dollars and fifty cents a tooth. For a child that is at the age where they are still getting their adult teeth, this is still something to get excited about and to look forward to.

While there are some mythological characters, like Santa Clause, that have a similar appearance to most children and believers throughout the world, this is not true of the tooth fairy. Some people see it as a women who is something like the small fairies that fly and that you might see in Peter Pan. Others imagine that the tooth fairy is a child with wings like a cherub or that it is even a little old man. There are many different movies and stories out there that show the character of the tooth fairy in a different way. You might even see something that could be this mythical creature in art or in a comic book.

There are customs when it comes to children losing teeth throughout the world but the character of the tooth fairy is mostly in Western culture. Some Asian countries have their kids throw their lost teeth on the roof while in the Middle East it is thrown into the sky to Allah.

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