Many people think that flossing is a waste of their time, despite frequent recommendations from their personal dentist. How does putting a piece of string between your teeth do anything for your teeth and gums? Wouldn't it be better to just not floss at all than to floss every single day? If that's your point of view when it comes to flossing then we highly urge you to reconsider your anti-flossing stance.

The DOs and DONTs of flossing and brushing.

To floss or not floss has been a debate that has raged on ever since the idea of flossing became mainstream. Many patients of dentists happily oblige when told that they should floss regularly and they do so without any complaints. Then there's the other side of the coin where patients believe that flossing their teeth after brushing doesn't accomplish anything other than wasting time and will happily and blindly ignore the advice of their dentist.

If flossing was such a big waste of time and didn't have any oral health benefits then why do so many dentists around the globe recommend it? All those dentists that tell you to floss your teeth can't be wrong, can they? Unless you can prove some sort of worldwide conspiracy where every single dentist got together to preach the many benefits of flossing that don't actually exist then you really have no reason to believe that flossing is a waste of time and that you should avoid doing it.

If you're still skeptical of flossing and want to hold onto your flossing conspiracy theories we want to mention a few benefits of flossing that will hopefully change your mind and have your dentist congratulating you on finally crossing over to the flossing side the next time you visit them. Some of those major benefits that flossing provides include leaving you with cleaner-feeling teeth, helps prevent cavities, aids in the battle of tooth loss, helps you from getting plaque and tartar stuck in your teeth and gums, alleviates bad breath, and the most important benefit of all when it comes to flossing: prevents gingivitis!

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Gingivitis is the first step towards periodontal disease, which can cause tooth loss, as well as eats away at the bone and soft tissue in your mouth. You don't want that to happen and the only way to avoid getting gingivitis is by flossing everyday so that you don't get any plaque buildup!

Now that you know of the many benefits flossing provides your teeth and gums it's time to hit up your local pharmacy or grocery store and pick up a pack of dental floss or floss pickers and start flossing those teeth of yours! If you don't start flossing you run the risk of having some major oral health problems that can't be fixed without a potentially torturous visit to your nearby dentistry firm!

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