Unless you're going to the doctor's for a specific reason such as root canal surgery or to get braces put in you're more than likely not going to actually be seeing a dentist but instead you'll be looked after by a dental hygienist and that's most often the case for routine dental check-ups. Dental hygienists are the ones that'll take you in and look over your teeth, give them a clean, brush them, floss them, and do whatever your teeth need and they're the ones who are in charge of most routine check-ups instead of actual dentists.

There's nothing wrong with having your teeth and gums looked at by a dental hygienist and not a dentist because dental hygienists are just as qualified as dentists, it's just that they might not have the highest dental certificate or diploma possible or the experienced that dentists might have. That doesn't mean they haven't been educated on oral care though because dental hygienists still need to go to school in order to work in the field of oral healthcare.

Dental hygienist services can even be provided outside of a traditional dental office or clinic because they work independently for themselves and that allows them to serve the public easier and be more accessible to those that don't have their own dentist. Some dental hygienists even have their own clinic but for the most part they work under a dentist in order to better understand the world of oral care and that goes a long way in providing the best possible oral health care to those in need of it.

The services dental hygienists can provide and their practice is regulated locally and it can differ wherever you're located but the dental hygienist services provided tend to not differ that often and include: administering local anesthesia, teeth cleanings, root planning and scaling for patients that have periodontal disease, dental sealants, administering use of fluoride, taking prescribed radiographs, and providing patients with instructions on how to properly care for their teeth and gums.

As you can see dental hygienists do almost as much work as regular Ajax dentists and there's really no reason to even have to see a dentist sometimes. What matters the most is that your oral hygiene and care is being looked over by a dental professional of some sort and whether or not that dentists or hygienists shouldn't really make much of a difference. Sponsorship provided by: David Himelfarb - lawyer referral service

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