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    Your Community Needs a Soccer Association

    Soccer is one of the most beloved sports in the world, and a soccer association can improve a community wherever it's established. If you're trying to create a soccer association in your community, use these arguments to bring voters and community leaders around to your side.

    For the Opportunity

    A soccer association is a great way to identify hidden talent in the community. The World Cup has proven that a talent for soccer is something that crosses all cultural barriers. Global stars have developed out of every corner of the world, and in almost all of those cases, it began with a local soccer organization.

    For the Pride

    Sports are great at bringing pride to the community, and soccer is one of the easiest sports to find leagues and other chances to let your local team stand out. Local soccer organizations that put the work into engaging the community are usually rewarded with fans that become more dedicated every year. There's a reason that soccer is the most-played sport in the world—it's infectious.

    For the Kids

    Soccer is one of the best sports for children of all ages, and creating a soccer association could mean a healthier community. Soccer doesn't involve tackling, like some sports played by adolescents, but it's still fast-paced enough to keep them interested.

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